When Did the Word Become Flesh in John 1:14?

As noted in the previous article on John 1:14, the Word became flesh—embodied itself—qualitatively within the person of Jesus. Don Hartley[1] stated that all mass terms take a qualitative force, including “flesh” in John 1:14: “John 1:14, for example, does not teach that the Logos became The Flesh or a flesh, but rather “flesh,” signifying […]

Adventures in Biblical Interpretation: Catholic Circular Reasoning

This is part of a series on Roman Catholicism. See this index. Today’s adventure in biblical interpretation is a bit different. Rather than looking at one passage of the Bible, we’re going to look at biblical interpretation in general as it pertains to biblical canon. In his attempt to refute the Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura, Catholic […]

Adventures in Biblical Interpretation

The “Adventures in Biblical Interpretation” series is a set of articles that discuss various approaches to interpretation of the bible using specific examples. The focus of is usually on analyzing the arguments (or lack thereof) presented and looking for errors in reasoning. Many critics of religion have noted that there are a nearly endless number […]