If you came here expecting a different site, see this explanation.

The articles you find on this site reflect a different approach to apologetics. Most apologetic sites take the approach of defending Christian doctrine at all costs to maintain a set of core assumptions. The articles here attempt to consider alternative viewpoints on their own merits, non-dogmatically.

You will find many topics and opinions here. You may agree with some. You will certainly disagree with others. Read, think, and do your own homework. Hopefully you will leave with more truth than at the start.

If you’d like to speak with me, email me at me@derekramsey.com or just comment on one of the articles with your message and contact information. Constructive conversations and feedback are appreciated.


The Life of Jesus: The Important Parts Series

This is a series of articles covering the life of Jesus from the perspective of only those events captured in all four gospels. It reveals the fundamental aspects of Jesus’ life and death.

Adventures in Biblical Interpretation Series

This is a series of articles critiquing common biblical (mis)interpretations.



Science and Faith