Grassroots Apologetics by Michael Burgos

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As time moves on, more and more people are reevaluating their traditional Christian beliefs and trying to separate fact from fiction. Some are rejecting the doctrine of the trinity for a large number of reasons. Others are questioning the doctrine of heaven and hell.

It isn’t that these people have lost their minds or have lost focus on Jesus. It isn’t that they are being influenced by postmodern or satanic influences either. With modern biblical scholarship, we’ve reached a point where we’ve never understood the Bible and its manuscripts any better. As we examine the texts and increasing historical understanding, we are appreciating the differences between what Jesus taught and what tradition teaches. You might even thank Bart Ehrman for helping to open our eyes while at the same time we deny his rejection of God.

This is deeply uncomfortable for those coming from a traditional background who have, like myself, trained all their life in defense of particular doctrines. The notion that we’ve neglected some doctrines in favor of our pet doctrines is very difficult to accept. If only we’d realized that the inerrancy of scripture isn’t the same as inerrancy of doctrine.

No central church can control the message. You are free to explore and learn. You can make the choice to follow Jesus on your own. You might even discover that taking a new viewpoint shows a God even more amazing than you thought possible before.