Adventures in Biblical Interpretation: Catholic Circular Reasoning

This is part four in a topical series: (1) “On papal infallibility and cognitive dissonance” (2) “Did Jesus Give Peter the Papacy” (3) “Sacred Tradition of the Old Testament” (4) “Catholic Circular Reasoning” (This article) (5) “The Keys to the Kingdom” (Coming) Today’s adventure in biblical interpretation is a bit different. Rather than looking at one […]

Adventures in Biblical Interpretation

The “Adventures in Biblical Interpretation” series is a set of articles that discuss various approaches to interpretation of the bible using specific examples. The focus of is usually on analyzing the arguments (or lack thereof) presented and looking for errors in reasoning. Many critics of religion have noted that there are a nearly endless number […]

Adventures in Biblical Interpretation: Incest and Polygyny

Today’s adventure in biblical interpretation is Leviticus 18:17-18. This was brought to my attention in a comment by Artisianal Toad, a proponent of polygyny. While you can read the comment quoted below, you can also read his full rationale on his blog. “Oh, did you notice that not only is there no prohibition of female […]

Criticizing the Bible, Interpreting the Law

This article is part of the series Adventures in Biblical Interpretation. When it comes to criticizing the Bible, one of the most common cheap-shot objections is to point to the obscure laws laid out in the Torah. Various approaches are taken, from showing how out-of-date they are, to how Christians don’t bother to follow them even […]

Adventures in Biblical Interpretation: Sodom

The biblical story of Sodom from Genesis 18 and 19 is a popular story for many people. Biblical skeptics argue that it shows that God approves of rape. Conservative Christians use it to show that homosexuality is one of the greatest sins. Searching the internet for “Sodom”, “Lot”, and “rape” yields many results. Many of […]